The policy of education for the Presentation Schools is derived from the life, love and compassion of Jesus and from the dedicated life of Nano Nagle. Education in our schools aims at awakening the consciousness of the pupils of the dignity and right of every person. We impart education in such a way as to promote development of knowledge and skills to equip the students for life and be resourceful for oneself, society and nation. In this way she becomes an agent of change and contributes towards the establishment of Godís reign on earth.

We in our schools cater to all sections and classes of the society so that the type of education imparted may be a channel of integration without any discrimination of caste and creed. The school offers special attention to the Christian children and those made poor.

We provide qualitative teaching learning process, with the best infrastructure and also work towards environmental protection and conservation. We in Presentation Convent Hr. Sec School promote value based education through which we try to mould the young to be resourceful, competent, responsible and worthy citizens of the society in which they live.

Pupils are expected to show gentleness and courtesy to others at all times. Refinement of manners should distinguish every pupil of this school. The students should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct.
The uniform, which is to be made according to the school pattern, must be worn daily, no other patterns are allowed. Students wearing old, discoloured or badly fitting uniform will not be allowed to attend classes.
Pupils are expected to take good care of their books and personal belongings. The books should be covered and marked distinctly with the pupilís name, class and section.
Students must remedy at their cost any damage to school property including ink stains. Each child will be responsible for the desk and chair that she uses.
Children who travel by bus must carry their bus pass daily. Indisciplined behaviour in the bus will make a student ineligible to use the school bus.
Pupils must have the textbooks and stationery prescribed for their respective classes before the school reopens. Children will not be allowed out of the class to buy books. All pupils should carry their books in a canvas or a leather bag. Borrowing of books, pens, pencils, etc will not be allowed.
Students are advised not to bring valuables like expensive pens, watches, jewellery, etc. to school. The school is not responsible for goods or money lost by students.
Use of polythene is strictly banned in the school.
Any confiscated material like lotions, creams, lip balms etc from the bags of students will not be returned.
Enter the school premises in your school uniform only. You are not supposed to come to school for whatever purpose in a casual dress except with the special permission from the Principal. This includes PTM and all other activities related to the school.
Do not keep long nails nor apply nail polish on them.
Do not dye hair. It is strictly forbidden.
Tattoo on any visible part of your body is not permitted.
Applying of henna / decoration of hand is not allowed. Shaping of eyebrows is not allowed.
While in school, all the students should have a white ribbon tied on their hair.
Gold chains, finger rings, bangles are not permitted.
Multiple piercing of ear lobes is discouraged. Wearing earrings is not allowed. Ear tops may be worn in place of earrings. More than one ear top is not allowed.
No gadgets such as ipods, mobile phones or cameras are allowed in the school.
Your uniform should be clean and ironed, shoes polished and socks should be clean. Long hair should be plaited.