The policy of education for the Presentation Schools is derived from the life, love and compassion of Jesus and from the dedicated life of Nano Nagle. Education in our schools aims at awakening the consciousness of the pupils of the dignity and right of every person. We impart education in such a way as to promote development of knowledge and skills to equip the students for life to be resourceful for oneself, the society and the nation .We endeavor to provide quality education to end poverty in all its forms which influences Sustainable Development Goals like healthy living, clean water, health for all and gender equality by empowering all girls. In this way our students become an agent of change and contribute towards the establishment of Gods reign on earth. In our schools, we cater to all sections and classes of society irrespective of caste color or creed, leaving no one behind so that the type of education imparted may be a channel of integration. Our school offers special attention to the Christian children and those made poor.
We provide qualitative, technology and value based teaching learning process.
We provide students with the best of infrastructure.
We aim at awakening their social and environmental consciousness.
We aim at moulding the young to be resourceful, competent, responsible and worthy citizens of the society.
We aim at making them agents of transformation.
We foster critical thinking.
We foster our rich and spiritual heritage for peaceful co- existence.
We make them spiritually oriented, emotionally balanced and physically fit.
We enable them to uphold the sacredness and inter-dependency of humanity, the Earth and all life forms.
We create awareness among students about life and education through various clubs like Nano club, eco club, health club, peace club, science and maths club, literary club etc


We value and encourage the participation of children in any activity that enhances their spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual and social development. We are committed to safeguarding the dignity and rights of all children. We do all in our power to create a safe environment for children. We cooperate fully with the National Board for safeguarding children. Therefore, we:
1. Foster best practice
2. Ensure accountability through establishing effective structures
3. Support personnel in safeguarding children
4. Respond effectively to allegations and suspicions of abuse
5. Report allegations where there is reasonable cause for concern and cooperate with the civil authorities
6. Take just and appropriate action in relation to Presentation personnel who have abused
7. Take effective measures against future risk of abuse
8. Promote healing and reconciliation

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We, at Presentation Convent Hr. Sec. School Srinagar, regard Environmental protection and preservation as our prime responsibility. We shall help our students in becoming environmentally knowledgeable, skilled and dedicated citizens who are willing to work individually and collectively towards achieving and maintaining a dynamic equilibrium between the quality of life and the quality of environment. We shall investigate environmental issues, evolve alternative solutions and work towards sustainable development. We aim at making our school an Eco- Friendly oasis and strive for continual improvement in our environmental performance by setting appropriate goals and periodically reviewing our objectives and targets. We shall take initiatives to promote Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to cover a broad range of social issues, such as education, poverty, hunger, climate change, social justice and gender equality. We shall document, maintain and communicate this policy to all our stake holders.

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Pupils are expected to show gentleness and courtesy to others at all times. Refinement of manners should distinguish every pupil of this school. Students should always remember that school is judged by their conduct. The school designed uniform, made according to the school pattern, must be worn daily with the I-Card for the session, as part of the school discipline and no other patterns are allowed. Students wearing old, discoloured or badly fitting uniform will not be allowed to attend classes.

Parents are requested to read the contents of the School Diary carefully in the interest of the child, and abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the school.

Parents should fill and sign the three personal memo pages in the diary within a week of commencement of the new session.

Parents should carry out their responsibilities as joint educators by instilling in their children respect and strict obedience for all school rules and regulations.

Pupils are expected to take good care of their books and personal belongings. The books should be covered and marked distinctly with the pupil`s name, class and section with their Roll Number/Admission number.

Students must remedy at their cost any damage to school property including ink stains or writing on the wall.

Each child will be responsible for the desk and chair that she uses.

Children who travel by bus must carry their bus pass daily.

In- disciplined behavior in the bus will make a student ineligible to use the school bus.

Pupils must have the textbooks and stationery prescribed for their respective classes before the school reopens.All pupils should carry their books in a canvas or a cloth bag. Borrowing of books, pens, pencils, etc will not be allowed.

Students are advised not to bring valuables like Gold chains, finger rings, bangles, expensive pens, watches, jewelry, etc. to school. The school is not responsible for goods or money lost by students.

Use of polythene is strictly banned in the school.

Any confiscated material like lotions, creams, lip balms etc from the bags of students will not be returned.

Students are allowed to enter school premises in their school uniform only.

Do not keep long nails nor apply nail polish on them.

Do not dye hair. It is strictly forbidden.

Tattoo on any visible part of your body is not permitted.

Applying of henna / decoration of hand or shaping of eyebrows is not allowed.

While in school, all the students should have a white ribbon tied on their hair.

Multiple piercing of ear lobes is discouraged. Wearing earrings is not allowed.

Ear tops may be worn in place of earrings. More than one ear top is not allowed.

No gadgets such as iPods, mobile phones or cameras are allowed in the school.

Your uniform should be clean and ironed, shoes polished and socks should be clean. Long hair should be plaited.

Every student is expected to maintain an attendance record of at least 90% during the academic year, failing which she may not be allowed to appear in the final examination.

Apart from the training given by the school, parents should devote quality time regularly with their ward at home and supervise her private study at home.

Any problem relating to home work should be recorded in the school diary by the parents.

Parents are requested to sign the reports, test papers, teacher`s remarks in the school diary in order to show that they have seen the same.

Parents are also expected to visit the teachers whenever requested and on PTMs.

Encourage healthy eating habits, especially a healthy breakfast and give home cooked food in your ward`s tiffin and regulate their sleeping hours to at last 8 hours a day.

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Kindly check the school diary/snap homework/ of your ward regularly to find out the assignments that have been given or any feedbacks by the Principal/ Vice Principal/Headmistress or Teachers.

Parents and teachers need to inculcate in students to learn the pragmatic application of the things that study rather than rote learning or bookish knowledge.

Parents are encouraged to provide your ward with a light school bag to carry to school, with only the required things for the day.

Parents are requested to take proper care while arranging school transport for your ward by checking the road worthiness of the vehicle and that the vehicle is transporting not more than the legally allowed number of students in the vehicle in which your ward travels.

Kindly ensure that your child pays particular attention to the neatness in her person and in her work.

Circulars will be given from time to time regarding meeting, change in uniform etc. Please act on these notices in time.

The Management and Staff will play a very important role in the development of your child, but kindly ensure that your child studies systematically and completes her assignments in time to enable her to make satisfactory progress in her studies.

The report cards will be given only to the parents. Representatives/relatives /tuition teachers will not be allowed at meetings or allowed to take the report cards.

Parents are requested to be vigilant regarding the literature, friends and companions that your child chooses.

Spend time with your ward to supervise the television programs your child views and the amount of time spent on social media and monitor the use of internet daily.

Discipline shall be enforced in the best interests of the school. Unauthorized absence, objectionable behavior, disobedience to teachers, staff members, students, possession of objectionable literature, books, letters etc. shall invite trouble for parents as well as students to visit the office of the principal causing embarrassment and waste of time for all.

The Principal will not meet any parent without prior appointment except the time mentioned for the meeting.

Parents or guardians are not allowed to enter classrooms or meet teachers during school hours unless they have written permission from the Principal.

No student is allowed to remain absent without authorization. If a child is absent from school, a proper leave application must be submitted in writing by the parents supported by a medical leave in case of sick leave.

Any student who remains absent from school for more than 15 days without any intimation will be struck off from the school records.

Office shall remain closed on all Sundays and on all public holidays.

Students will not be granted permission to leave the school during school hours, except for a very serious reason.

Parents are requested to discourage private tuitions as this makes child unduly dependent on the tutor for her work.

However where there is need for remedial tuition for a period of time may be arranged with the written permission from the principal.

Parents are requested to intimate any change in the address or telephone number in writing to the office without delay.

As the medium of instruction in the school is English students should be helped with regular English conversation practice at home so that they can keep pace with the class.

Half days leave on assessment/exam is strictly forbidden. The decisions of the Principal will be final in all matters related to the school.

No pupil should be sent to school if suffering from a contagious or an infectious disease or if there are any such cases in her house or the child is too sick to attend the class.

Students are admitted to class Lower Kindergarten after fulfilling the admission procedure.

Sisters of students who seek admission in L.K.G in the school will be selected only if they qualify.

The child seeking admission should be introduced by her parents or guardians who shall remain responsible for their fees, regular attendance and good conduct. No intermediaries or donations or recommendations are accepted for admission.

The decision of the Principal will be final in all matters relating to the school.

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The motto of the school is "VIRTUE" and "LABOUR". The students are expected to strive for these ideals and to practise justice, charity, honesty, truthfulness, generosity, loyalty and gratitude. They must work hard in school and at home and realize the dignity of labour.


Do the right act...Think the Right Thought...Communicate right speech. The school is committed to developing positive inter personal relationships between members of the school community and outside. Any disruptive activities are un-acceptable and will be dealt with accordingly.


Promotion is granted on the basis of the whole year`s work of the pupil, hence the importance of regularity in work and attendance.

Results declared are final in all cases. No re-tests will be held at any time.

The general criterion for promotion is that a student has grasped the subject matter of her present class sufficiently well to follow the subject in a higher class.

Mere book knowledge is not enough to be promoted to the next class. All round development child is taken into account for promotion..


1. Passing marks in all subjects is 40%.
2. A percentage of 40 in the aggregate for the academic years average must be obtained.
3. Students must pass in all compulsory subjects, namely: English, Hindi, Urdu, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Third Language.
4. If a student fails twice in the same class, she will not be allowed to continue in the school.
5. Every student must be present for all the Exams and students will be promoted on the basis of the result obtained in the overall grade, provided 40% is obtained in each subject. In case of serious illness, the child may be promoted based on the results of the Units and Term in consultation with the teachers concerned and the consent of the Principal.